10 LIES About Famous People That Turned Out To Be TRUE


Everyone tells a lie at some point in their life, whether it’s a white lie to make someone feel better or a full-fledged fabrication to paint themselves in a more flattering light. Celebrities are no different, and when they get caught in their lies, everyone knows it. For some stars, the lies that turn out to be true ruin their reputation, for others, it propels them into stardom, and sometimes the lie is so dumb you wonder why they try to hide it in the first place. Whatever it is, these stories prove that there’s no reason to hide a lie. The truth will always prevail.

You’ll notice that the Kardashian-Jenner clan makes quite a few appearances in this video, but are you surprised? They’re at the head of most celebrity gossip columns, so rumors are sure to follow them around. Everyone from Kylie, the youngest member of the tribe, to Caitlyn, the “newest” member of the family, have had their lies exposed. But when you’re in the public eye so much it’s really no surprise. From sex tape scandals to plastic surgery lies, this family has been outed to the public a number of times, but it hasn’t seemed to hurt their reputation one bit.

Then there are the cheating scandals that everyone hopes are fake, but turn out to be true. It starts with one little rumor, which the one who is said to have had the affair denies until they can’t anymore. They try to hide it from the public as well as their significant other, but unfortunately the reality of cheating comes out of the woodworks in the end. Everyone from Tiger Woods to Arnold Schwarzenegger have been caught in the act, and it not only ruined their marriages, but their reputation as well.

When it comes to naked photos and sex tapes, celebrities always try to lie about them and cover them up. They can be embarrassing to say the least. But they also seem to propel celebs even further into stardom, acting as a sort of promotion. One Canadian singer took this to heart, and fooled everyone into thinking his naked photos were leaked. Another tried to hide her sex tape, although its release is part of what has made her and her family so famous. Just remember: Lies will always become unravelled. These stars had to find that out the hard way. From drug doping to fake breast implants, these are 10 lies about famous people that turned out to be true.