10 Leaked Photos Famous People Don't Want You To See


Photos can speak thousands of words about someone. Celebrities make it their life’s work to look good in photos, and then there is a whole team of people who will edit the photos more so that they are appropriate for print and mainstream viewing. But if publicity and attention is low, then sometimes a celebrity may do something risky in order to get people talking about them again. That includes taking a shocking photo and then discreetly leaking it online themselves so that they don’t have to employ the help of paparazzi. Instead, they can depend on the news outlets to share the photos like crazy, and then the endless interview requests are coming in with the celeb’s reaction to their newfound publicity.

These shocking photos can include anything from nude photos to posting photos of ghosts to posting photos without makeup, which seems to be news worthy these days. Celebrities are known to find ways of garnering attention with just the simple click of the camera. But sometimes hackers can do the leg work for them and get them worldwide attention by just selling their personal selfies to news outlets all over the world.

Here are some of the most shocking celebrity leaked photos. Whether they were leaked on purpose or by accident, each celebrity probably appreciated the extra attention to their movies and music during the time of the photo’s release. While there is some controversy on checking out nude selfies, it’s a hard lesson to learn that once a photo is taken and shared, it’s nearly impossible to erase from the internet.