10 Largest Creatures Found On Beaches


Since boats first became a thing, sailors have been telling tall tales and embellishing too-crazy-to-be-true stories about sea monsters, harpies, giant squids and fish-people. But if you consider just how wide and deep the oceans are and combine that with just how little we know about the full contents of these waterways, you could entertain the idea that some of these stories may be true.

Out in the high seas, there are creatures like nothing we’ve seen on land. Beasts who search for prey with sharp, gnashing teeth while weaving their massive bodies through the currents. Tentacled krakens with beady eyes the size of human heads. Prehistoric animals who outlasted dinosaurs and maintained their spot on the food chain.

It’s often concerning to find a gigantic specimen of a rare species washed ashore, but if any positive thought could be taken away from these animals’ involuntary beaching, it’s that scientists and researchers now have more information about many of these mystifying life forms. And even though you would think something as large and fantastic as a giant squid on the cover of your copy of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is the stuff of fantasy, you would be sorely mistaken.

So join the Hub on an amazing journey to faraway shores as we bring deep-sea mysteries to the surface. There will be behemoth whales, gigantic urchins, and more intriguing and unexplainable sightings for you to see.