10 Knockoffs Of Popular Kids Shows From Around The World


We all have our favorite cartoon that could never get replaced by any other. Kids shows sometimes get so popular, many creators want to take the inspiration. But sometimes, that inspiration isn’t very creative and it ends up being almost the same thing as the actual show. Today, we’re discussing rip offs from shows like “Gilmore Girls,” “Pokémon,” “Adventure Time,” “Kung Fu Panda,” “High School Musical,” “Gravity Falls,” “Star Wars,” “Digimon,” “Power Rangers,” and even “Tom and Jerry.” These shows have one thing in common. They all inspired some pretty similar knockoffs from around the world! Just wait until you see how a popular Russian cartoon faced critique when the audience realized it actually copied one of the most beloved Disney cartoons ever! These are the 10 knockoffs of popular kids shows from around the world!