10 Kids/babies Who Grew Up To Be EVIL


Now that it’s almost Halloween, most of us have been thinking about ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and other fictional frights. But in the real world, there is more than enough material that would keep you up at night if you heard about it. Children can certainly be adorable, but some children grow up to be pure evil. You may wonder if they were born evil, or if they turned evil because of traumatic life events, but we will let you be the judge of that when we tell you these ten stories guaranteed to leave you with chills. You might know David Berkowitz better as the Son of Sam, who lead New York City cops on the largest manhunt in their history because of crimes he was allegedly told to do by his neighbor’s dog. No, really. If you felt creeped out watching Stephen King’s It, wait until you meet a real life frightening clown, John Wayne Gacy. He was bullied as a child, but as an adult he enjoyed masquerading as Pogo the Clown, and entertaining kids, when he wasn’t committing sinister crimes. When the dastardly deeds of Aileen Wuornos were discovered, many people were shocked that a woman could commit such horrible crimes. But after a tragic and troubled childhood, it seems sadly less surprising. Karla Homolka helped her husband Paul Bernardo commit horrific crimes, but was later released from prison. She has started a new family, and the frightening thing is that she even volunteers at schools.