10 Kids Who Look Just Like Their FAMOUS PARENTS


Being the child of a celebrity comes with its disadvantages, like paparazzi, crazy fans, and busy parents. But, the negatives do not begin to outweigh the positives, like sharing the same DNA with the world’s most beautiful people! From a daughter who looks like her famous rapper daddy, to a son who looks like a throw back version of his dad, these are 10 famous kids who look JUST like their parents!

Though they have a somewhat questionable relationship considering Tish Cyrus is her daughter Miley Cyrus’s manager, the pair is inseparable! She may have gotten her love of music from her dad, but Miley sure got her looks from her mom. They have similar face shape, as well as nearly identical eyes. Considering Miley has been rocking the short blond hairdo for a while, there is an easy way to tell the mother and daughter a part. But, before her transformation, it looked like Miley was blossoming in to a younger version of her hot momma!

Suri Cruise has been in the spotlight since day 1. And it’s no wonder when your dad is one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Tom Cruise. But, since she was little she has looked exactly like her mom, Katie Holmes. The older Suri gets, the more and more she is turning into a Katie clone. Holmes is constantly posting photos of her daughter on Instagram and comparing them to photos of herself at the same age. The mother and daughter duo look like they were separated at birth!

The daughter of Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon, Ava Phillippe, is a dead ringer for her mom! The Teen has acquired quite a following on social media, with hundreds of thousands of followers on instagram. For good reason, she looks like a mini me version of mom Reese Witherspoon. The catch is, Ava towers over her teeny mother! But with similar eyes, chins, and smiles, Ave and Reese look more like sisters instead of mother and daughter!

When your mother is Beyoncé you know you are going to be fabulous! Though Blue Ivy definitely has her mom’s good looks, you can’t help but see just how much she looks like her dad Jay-Z! The couple had to defend their adorable daughter in the fall of 2016 when some women took to twitter to criticize the toddler for her looks. Luckily, Blue Ivy’s mother is Queen B, and she doesn’t play when it comes to her baby!

If there is one kid on this list who won the genetic lottery, it’s Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Shiloh is the daughter of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. And to look like either of them would be a blessing, but it looks like she can thank her mother for her beautiful looks. Many people compare recent photos of Shiloh to photos that have surfaced of Angelina at the same age. They look like the same person! It’s actually crazy, and we’ve never been more jealous of a child.

It may not seem like it, but back in the day Clint Eastwood was a babe! The good news is his son Scott Eastwood is the mirror image of a young hunky Clint Eastwood. And when Scott dressed up in his father’s iconic country western movie costume for a charity event, it was everything! It was like someone got a time machine, because it was almost creepy how much he looked like Clint, down to chomping on a cigar!