10 Kids Who Grew Up In The Jungle/Wild


The last time you tuned in for this eerie list, you learnt about the many people who survived the wild. Well, this time round, we have something even more shocking in store for you - Kids that actually grew up in the wild. We’re talking raised by wolves and cared for by wild goats. Some claimed to be kidnapped, some were scarily left to the forces of nature - ALL OF THEM were subjected to a lot of attention that deeply scarred them, probably more than living as a feral child did.

We’ll start off with some deeply mythical figures like Brothers and Founders of Rome, Remus and Romulus, who were the first babies to ever be recorded as having been raised by wolves. Not too far away is Victor of Aveyron, a minor celebrity in his own right, who actually helped with studies regarding teaching disabled children in a time when such a reality wasn’t even thought of. Then there is Kaspar Hauser, whose life is shrouded in mystery regarding his origins - and rumours surrounding his possibly royal lineage… no, seriously. Then there’s Peter, the Wild Boy of Hamelin. Then there’s a little girl only known as Natasha that was found in a small Siberian town, much to the worry of her family members who were… still alive? All the way over in India, two sisters Kamala and Amala in a orphanage behaved much like the wolves that raised them, claimed the priest that had to take care of them, and even further over in Uganda, where a young boy was found living with primates that seemed to have grown extremely attached to him! Just a little over ten years ago, there’s Prava from Russia, found locked up in a room full of birds! Closing this list you’ll hear about the mysterious Chilean Gazelle boy that observers never truly managed to figure out, and a story closer to the USofA than you’d imagine - a little girl who grew into a young woman and lived to tell her tale.