10 Kids Who Do Makeup Better Than You


If you’ve ever tried a beauty tutorial, then you already know it’s harder than it looks. So, what if a child tried the same one? It would most certainly be a disaster, right? Well, that may not be the case for these ten kids who do makeup better than you.

One kid who has everyone talking is Jake Warden. He has accumulated an impressive social media following, thanks to his amazing makeup skills. One thing he is known for is mixing his foundation on the back of his iPhone. Whether his parents don’t know or they are totally cool with their son blending foundation on a $600 piece of technology. Either way, this kid is crushing the beauty industry, one iPhone at a time.

Another talented child in the makeup industry is Charli Rose. The five-year-old melted everyone’s hearts when she shared her “Unicorn Makeup” tutorial. Not only is she totally adorable, but the little girl also has skills. We are pretty sure if her modeling career with Gap doesn’t pan out, she will be just fine as a makeup artist.

It seems like the internet is ablaze with male beauty gurus. One of them making a name for himself is Jack. This ten-year-old boy isn’t a newcomer to the makeup world, but he is getting his time in the spotlight. It took one negative Facebook post to make the world fall for Jack and his incredible artistry.

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