10 Kids Who Copied Their Famous Mothers


If you ever grew up worshiping your mother, you may have something in common with the celebrity daughters on this list. Not only do they steal their mother’s style, but they also spark “Who wore it better” showdowns by doing so. These are ten kids who copied their famous mothers.

When it comes to having amazing genes, no one is luckier than Kaia Gerber. That is because she is the daughter of ex-supermodel Cindy Crawford. When she was 13 years old, the teen stole a Roberto Cavalli dress from her mother’s closet, and we have to admit, she gave her famous mom a run for her money.

You don’t have to be a fan of Ivanka Trump to know that she is beautiful. She gets her good looks from her ex-TV personality mom, Ivana Trump. In 2014, before her dad decided to run for president, she made headlines for dipping into her mother’s closet. The fashionista rocked the same Bob Mackie dress her mom wore in 1991, and it was stunning!

Considering she gets her fashion cues from older sister, Kim Kardashian, it isn’t surprising that she also looks to her mom for style inspiration. But no one would have guessed that Kylie Jenner’s one piece body glove swimsuit was actually her mother’s swimsuit from 30 years prior. Kris, of course, took to Instagram to call her daughter out, and the results of who won the “who wore it better” match are surprising.

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