10 Kids Who Are Even More Out Of Control Than Danielle Bregoli


Danielle Bregoli became a viral social media sensation after her appearance on “Dr Phil.” She shocked everyone with her behavior and went viral with her ‘cash me ousside’ catchphrase. Many have tried to follow in her footsteps, but there are only a couple of teens that managed to outshine her. Not only are these kids out of control, they are also getting popular for it! They have millions of followers on social media apps like Musical.ly and Instagram, and they’re becoming quite the celebrities. Lil Tay, Malu Trevejo, WoahVicky, Bryce Hall, and even old school sensations like Victoria Thompson all have one thing in common: They’re all way more out of control than Danielle Bregoli! You won’t believe the words that are coming out of a 9-year-old’s mouth.

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