10 Kids Toys With Weird Background Stories


We all have a lot of funny stories to tell about the toys from our childhoods. But the story of how they were created is even more interesting. From dolls that were not appropriate for kids to ideas that were stolen and toys that were invented by a Nobel laureate, these are 10 kids toys with weird background stories.

The fidget spinners are the most popular toy in 2017. It was created to help kids who suffer from anxiety, ADHD, and autism. Unfortunately, it became so popular that it turned into a major distraction in class. This is why the toy had to be banned in many high schools. Anyway, psychologists revealed that the fidget spinners actually have no benefits. The fidget cube might be a better solution!

The Barbie doll is one of the most popular toys that ever existed. It was created to show little girls that they could become anything they want when they grow up, as women have a lot of choices. But what you might not know is that Barbie actually had a career as an adult entertainer. This is something we wish little girls will never know!

Stay tuned to hear more weird background stories of toys like the Slinky, the glow sticks, playing cards, the troll dolls, the Rubik’s cube, the Cabbage Patch dolls, the yo-yo, and slime. Make sure you like this video if you ever played with one of these toys and don’t forget to subscribe for more stories like this.