10 Internet Stars Who Are Younger Than You Think


We watch internet stars so much that we sort of put them on a pedestal. We think they are prettier than us, more successful than us, and even older than us. It’s just something about being confident enough to put your whole life on the internet that gives off an air of maturity. But many times our favorite stars are actually a lot younger than we think! To show you what we mean, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Internet Stars Who Are Younger Than You Think!

Take Pia Mia for instance. The singer first grew to fame by posting videos of her singing to the internet. From there, her stardom grew like wildfire. Her amazing dance moves and soulful voice make her seem like someone with lots of experience. But the singer is actually only 20 years old!

Malu Trevejo is another internet celebrity that people often mistake for being older than she is. After all, she amassed a lot of her following on Instagram by posting pictures of herself. That is usually something that models in their twenties become famous for. But Trevejo is only 14 years old! She’s not even old enough to vote yet.

Hayes Grier also seems older than he is. Just one look into those smoldering eyes and girls everywhere are goners. But if you’d like to go out with Grier, you’ll have to make sure you bring along a fake ID because he is only 17!

Whether it’s Gigi Gorgeous, Erika Costell, Emilio Martinez, or Alissa Violet, there are several internet stars who we look up to that are actually quite young! Stay tuned to 10 Internet Stars Who Are Younger Than You Think to find out which star likes older women!

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