10 Interesting Fidget Spinner Facts


There is no denying that fidget spinners are a hot new fad right now. Whether or not you’re a fan, their popularity simply can’t be denied. Many retailers are having trouble keeping them on their shelves, because they sell out as quickly as they get stock. But while you may be used to seeing spinners priced around $5, there are many expensive fidget spinners out there made of high class materials. One popular one is the Torqbar, which has a waiting list a mile long and can cost hundreds of dollar. And according to the owners, there is no shortage of people clamoring for one. You may know a thing or two about fidget spinners, but did you know that Catherine Hettinger is credited with inventing them? Surprisingly, it hasn’t made her rich and famous, perhaps due to an unfortunate incident at that patent office. She was even rejected by popular toy manufacturer Hasbro, who now sells many spinners. Advertisements for these devices claim that they can help people with anxiety, ADHD, and Autism, but is there any evidence to back up these extraordinary claims? It seems like this is one area in which additional scientific research is desperately needed, especially since some schools have begun to ban them on their premises. We’ll also explain to you how to calculate the spin time of your spinner, using just a simple laser and advanced knowledge of physics! And of course, we’ll throw in a couple cool fidget spinner tricks that people have come up with.