10 Innocent Gamers Who Got Embarrassed Live On Camera


Streaming games online can help you capture and share a lot of epic moments, but it can also cause a lot of failures. When these streams go live, you know that someone else will be capturing it in some form. From there, these embarrassing moments can go viral and we’ve captured some of the most embarrassing ones here. From physical falls to getting caught by parents, try not to laugh at some of these crazy moments.

Cats are pretty much the star of the internet and things only get crazier when they become a part of video game live streams. In multiple instances, cats have caused destruction while playing a variety of games. Games can get exciting, so that’s why it’s important to always have a good grip on your chair. Watch as a player falls flat on his face when a chair flips out from underneath him. PopularMMOs are often recording funny videos and they put together a compilation of some of the funniest times where they’ve fumbled words around and created funny moments. Getting pranked can be common on Twitch and one poor kid didn’t realize how bad things were getting when he kept inadvertently destroying things that he thought he was fixing. Getting swatted is a scary and humiliating experience for many online players. When streaming live, these moments can get broadcast all over the world. Parents aren’t too savvy when it comes to computers and one child deals with an embarrassing situation when his mom walks in while he is playing. Other moments include Minecon live streams, losing thousands of dollars, birthday celebrations, and dealing with PC issues.