10 Incredible Things Your Hands Can Tell About You


Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, while others wear their wealth on their fingers. With ornate bracelets and shiny rings, people show off more than their wedding bands to communicate just how well off they may be. The jewelry can be cheap, but the idea is to reflect a level of power in social situations. That said, the hands are the perfect ways to get this status across. Yet, it’s not what’s on the outside that counts. Rather, the skin and bones of the hands themselves show what a person is really like.

Whether your body’s frame is overweight or underweight, frail or stocky, pale or tanned – your external appearance often indicates your internal health. Possibly no body parts are a more effective sign of how you feel, both inside and out, than your hands. These grippy grabby appendages are our most effective tools for survival and we use them to build structures, make equipment, protect ourselves and show signs of status. The opposable thumb has been essential to our survival as we evolved into the makers of our advanced civilization. Now that we’ve moved on from our tribal beginnings, we’ve used our hands for more refined work.

With this in mind, TheHub will look at the fingernails and fingertips, as well as their lengths and widths to see how they reflect your personality and health. We’ll check out your bones, your veins and your palms, analyzing how these features impact your relationships and your overall outlook. And in the end, we’ll show you the 10 Incredible Things Your Hands Can Tell About You!