10 Incredible Things That Will Happen Before 2050


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Think you won’t live to see your wildest technological dreams come true? The good news is: the future is now. Our planet often seems like it’s in the throes of something strange and unpredictable. It often feels like society can’t keep up with the fast pace of the scientific community and its insane developments. But the world keeps spinning at the same rate, and even though unexpected events can hurl everyone into an uncontrollable state, there’s just as many positive changes that just aren’t getting the same kind of press. The last half of the 20th Century was a whirlwind of technological and cultural revolutions like the developments of new cures and the breaking of old records. Surprisingly, the next 50 years seem on track to surpass those monumental events.

Whether we’re thinking about the form into which our brains might be able to evolve, foraging for new ways to feed the hungry or leveling the playing field between genders, TheHub is there to show you what’s in store. We’ll examine robotic potential in the art world and on the road; we’ll peer at the tallest buildings that will populate the next decades and the smallest viruses that are next to die out; and we’ll travel to distant planets both real and virtual using vehicles powered by renewable resources and controlled by systems that can think for themselves. This is the future and These Are 10 Incredible Things That Will Happen Before 2050.