10 Incredible Teens You Won't Believe


Teens nowadays are perpetually told off for not doing enough. Not spending enough time on schoolwork, not developing extra curricular activities, or not making enough friends. We’re here to prove that people who say these things are wrong. Sure, some teenagers are happy enough catching up on Netflix all hours of the day, but look at the teens here: they’re changing the world, one hobby at a time.

Ever thought you’d come across a 15 year old boy who broke into the engineering industry through picking up trash? What about a girl who’s so strong she could pick up a fully-grown male lion? Would you believe that there’s a 12 year old boy who not only has developed an app where you can hit Justin Beiber whack-a-mole style, but has also launched his own company? These teens from all across the world have developed their passions to help their local communities and the wider world of research. We’ve also got the girl who’s stopping the drought in South Africa using only orange peel and avocado skin, and another who is causing an uproar through her campaigns for fairer education rights in China. The best part? None of these teens have used their talents for selfish reasons. All of them have, in some way, shape, or form, benefited the wider world. So next time you hear someone talking about how all teenagers are lazy, unmotivated and are slowly ruining the planet, you know exactly the video to show them.