10 Incredible People Who Took Their Obsession Too Far


We’re all passionate about something. It could be work, music, sports, art, cars, movies, celebrities, video games, food… there is literally no end to the amount of things we can become obsessed with. However, obsession is a lot more than the hysterical need to have what you want. In many cases, it is a driving force for those of us who have literally nothing else left and that’s where passion becomes obsession. The transformation occurs when we place way too much importance on that ONE thing our mind is fixated on. It becomes our source of joy, our reason to get up in the morning, our reason to eat, our reason to live and our very reason to exist which is when it starts to affect us, as people, and those around us. You become codependent on an idea, without which your life refuses to move forward. It is a toxic state of mind, one which takes a long time to recover from and unfortunately, there are times when people just don’t. In this video we’ll be covering 10 instances where certain individuals were so incredibly obsessed with something that it ended up costing them a lot. We’ll also come across instances where we see how these obsessions affect those around them. We touch upon people from various walks of life, from celebrities to regular people and will show that no one is immune to an unhealthy mind or state. Fair warning to anyone watching, the content you’re about to see might upset you.