10 Incredible People Who Broke The Strangest World Records


The world is an amazing place full of incredible people. Sometimes people excel at something to such a degree that the earn a world record. With it comes respect, prestige, and a mention in the infamous Guinness Book of World Records. Although of course, there are a few world records that have us scratching our heads. In this video, we’ll show you some of the strangest world records that we could find. Maybe you’ve complained about having some loose skin on your body, but we bet you can’t stretch your skin out over a foot in length. Some people set records by having the largest collection of strange items. Such as the librarian who collects bellybutton lint, or the 11 year old boy who collects snails. If the snails don’t sound so strange to you, that’s probably because we forgot to mention he stores them on his face! While we rely on them for food, one man from China relied on bees to get him into the record books by forming a giant bee beard. If you’re wondering what a bee beard is, well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. And an eye popping number of people made it into the record book for eyeball related reasons, including the woman who can pop out her eyes! Although that may make you wince, you’ll want to close your own eyes when you see someone pull over 900 lb with their eye sockets. After that spectacle, your eyes will want to relax with a nice glass of milk, perhaps squirting it out of the socket like one record holder is able to.