10 Incredible Celeb Mansions That Will Leave You In Awe


While many of us have “pie in the sky” dreams and want to live like royalty, it doesn’t come easy! When it comes to celebrity living, we know that they want the best of the best - and they can afford it. Many of us are just getting by renting but celebrities have the world in their hands. If they’re an A-list celeb, then they can afford to have multiple million dollar mansions. We’ve all dreamed about building the house that we would call our permanent home. Video games are created out of this dream where we can create anything we want inside our house. Celebrities are lucky enough to live in this reality. Some of the places they live are massive enough to outdo castles! Since most of us don’t live in mansions, we can live vicariously through some of our most beloved celebs. In fact, their mansions will simply take your breath away and leave you in a certain level of wonderment and awe.