10 Inappropriate Jokes In Good Luck Charlie


“Good Luck Charlie” was one of the best shows on Disney Channel, no matter how old you were. And as grown-ups, we had the chance to appreciate it even more because we understood all the inappropriate jokes. It’s a good thing that Charlie will only be watching this video diary when she is older because this is not something that young kids should hear. Today, we are showing you 10 Inappropriate Jokes in “Good Luck Charlie.”

In the second episode, Teddy decided that it was time for her parents to have a night out. Just before they left the house, she told them to have fun, but not too much fun. They have enough babies already. If you know how babies are made, you know exactly what Teddy meant. And we don’t ever want to think about our parents doing this. Anyway, bringing back home the wrong baby was a good enough distraction.

In “Take Mel Out to the Ball Game,” Teddy was curious to meet her great uncle Mel and decided to go to a baseball game with him. This is when she saw the reason why her father didn’t want to talk to him anymore. And things just get worse when Mel decided to pull down his pants. We were lucky to see that Teddy and Ivy were there to hide this disaster behind foam fingers.

Stay tuned to hear more about inappropriate jokes in “Good Luck Charlie” like when Amy and Bob were playing checkers, when Gabe had a complicated dream, when the parents had a big announcement to make, and when PJ decided to take a hot bath. Did we miss any other jokes that were not for kids? Don’t be shy to tell us what you saw in the comments section down below!