10 Human Experiments That Shocked Scientists


Science is known for pushing the limits of what we can change and understand about the world around us. What about when it comes to what is inside the human body? You would think we know all that there is to know about them-after all, we each own one. But we are discovering new things all the time, and many of these discoveries are quite shocking-even for scientists.

We know different areas of our brain are used for different things, but can they be rewired somehow? Human anatomy is too complex to be combined with an animal’s to make a chimera, right? Where do we draw the limit to the experiments we conduct in the name of science? And then there is the realm of medicine and the possibility of cures for all sorts of ailments, as well as vaccines for preventing them altogether.

We have access to a wealth of information about how our bodies work. Find out how we made some of those important discoveries we so often take for granted. Do you think the amount of patience you showed as a child can impact your SAT scores? You might be surprised by the answer