10 Huge Questions That Science Can't Answer


Science gives us the answers to more and more important questions every day - just look at everything we know now that we didn’t know a hundred years ago. But while the great invention of the Internet has meant knowledge is quite literally at the tips of our fingers, there are still some questions we don’t know the answers to. Despite the top scientists of the world putting time, effort and energy into these questions, it seems some things just aren’t destined to be found out quite yet. Today, we’re showing you 10 Huge Questions That Science Can't Answer.

So, what questions will we be pondering over today? We’ll be talking you through the lengths scientists have gone to in order to explain what’s at the bottom of the ocean, or whether God is real. To this day, we still don’t know exactly how many species of animal there are in the world, or how many planets there are in the solar system. Even the best medical experts can’t explain why we can’t cure cancer, or whether ageing is something that one day we’ll be able to put a stop to. No matter how long you spend studying in the library, nobody actually knows what the limit is to human intelligence. And, once all of this is gone and we’re left to rest, no one actually knows what happens in the afterlife.