10 Hottest Temperatures Recorded On Earth


When it’s hot outside, we often go to the beach, grab a cool drink, or even stay inside with the nice central air. While most of us prefer warmer weather, it can sometimes be very dangerous. Dehydration and heat stroke are a very real issue. Regardless of whether or not you believe in global warming, there are parts of the world that are pretty hot! There are specific places around the world that are more prone to hot temperatures. Take Death Valley in California as a perfect example! Or think of the deserts in the Middle East and Africa. Based on the location’s position on the planet, it definitely gets more sunshine than other parts in the world like Antarctica! Of course, some people simply can’t handle living in a warm location. In the United States, the southern part of the country gets treated to high temperatures as well as intense humidity that makes going outside a burden for anyone who doesn’t have air conditioning. As we continue to live on this planet, changes in weather are always taking place that break records. This is happening enough to the point where people are wondering if climate change is a real thing.

In this video are ten of the hottest recorded temperatures on Earth. Some of these temperatures didn’t even happen in our century. Some of these temperatures are rare events, and they only happen once in a lifetime. Other locations are no surprise as they are expected to be warm. Whether you prefer hot or cold, these temperatures are nothing to belittle.