10 Hotels that Failed so Badly It's Funny


When you book a hotel or a motel, it is usually to take a break far away from your everyday life. But you will be surprised to see that problems follow you everywhere, even when you are on vacation. Some of these mistakes have an impact on your intimacy or your safety, but most of them are just hilarious. This is why we are showing you 10 hotels that failed so badly it’s funny.

Hotels are not known for having the best decorations. But some of them just turn out to be hilarious mistakes. One guy found out that there was no window behind the curtains. And another one saw that the curtains were just painted on the wall. Talking about paintings, a hotel even painted a table and decorations on the wall. And there are so many other mistakes like this that you don’t want to miss.

During the Olympics in Sochi, people talked more about the fails than the athletes. They kept reporting on Twitter that there was no floor, no water, no internet, and no doorknobs in their hotel. And when they actually had something, everything just kept breaking. But just wait until you see the unusual bathrooms that made the news! Russian don’t seem to know what intimacy is!

Stay tuned to hear more about all the crazy things that you can see in bathrooms, the mistakes we found in elevators, the crazy rules that you have to follow, the problems with doors and windows, the useless pieces of furniture, and the unusual pools. Did you ever see any hotel fail? Don’t be shy to tell us what happened in the comments section!