10 HOT Models Who Look Exactly Like Famous People


You may be familiar with celebrity lookalikes, from Katy Perry and Zoe Deschanel to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, but did you know there are also models who look exactly like celebrities too? Most of the celeb doppelgangers were found on social media, and share uncanny resemblances to the stars. Whether it is similar hair styles, facial features, body types, or all of the above, there’s no doubt that the models in today’s video look exactly like celebrities.

Social media has been the biggest hub for finding models who look like the stars. Harry Styles’ female twin was discovered on Twitter. When fans of One Direction found her photo, they started a hashtag and made it their mission to get the two the meet up. Their face and hairstyles are eerily similar, and would make anyone do a double take. Along with Twitter, Instagram has been a major platform for finding models who look like celebs. Who could forget when Justin Bieber took to his account to find Cindy Kimberly? The former babysitter is now walking European catwalks all because of one Instagram post, and interestingly enough, she looks just like Victoria’s Secret model Adrianna Lima.

How would you feel if you could make a living looking like a star? Celebrity impersonators are raking in the dough endorsing products and posing as their lookalike celebs. Andele Lara is a model who now makes a full-time living as a Rhianna lookalike. Her similar features and skin colour make her a dead ringer for the singer and people have taken notice. And Rose Nicholas makes up to £400-a-time for impersonating Taylor Swift at events. Her friends noticed she looked like Swift when she was just 17, and now at the age of 23, she is continually mobbed by Swift fans everywhere.

Then of course there are the lookalikes that hit close to home. Kylie Jenner’s model doppelganger Val Mercado shares her pouty lips and love for selfies, but she was also rumored to be the one Tyga cheated on Kylie with. I guess he has a type. And Tyga’s new flame, Demi Rose shares striking similarities to Selena Gomez from her small stature to her long, gorgeous locks.