10 Hot Guys The Disney Girls Are Dating


Are you a big fan of the Disney girls? Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus were some of our biggest role models growing up and we spent a lot of time watching The Disney Channel. Not only are these girls living a glamorous life that we wish we had, but they're also forever crowned as teen queen royalty. From where they live to who they hang out with, we know a lot about their day-to-day lives. But are you curious to know more about their love lives? Check out our video on 10 Hot Guys the Disney Girls Are Dating.

Olivia Holt may have starred in the Disney XD series, "Kickin' It," but that doesn’t mean that she needs a fancy actor boyfriend to keep her happy. Did you know that she's dating a non-famous boy that she met through mutual friends at a barbecue? Her boyfriend, Ray Kearin, is super cute but you'll have to watch our video to see what Olivia has to say about him.

We've all been rooting for Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus since the two first got together after meeting on the set of Nicholas Sparks’ "The Last Song." They may have gone through some tough times in the beginning of their relationship but now seem to be closer than ever. Miley even wrote her new hit song "Malibu" about her handsome fiancé.

Can't wait to hear more about the boyfriends of your favorite Disney stars like Dove Cameron, Bella Thorne, and G. Hannelius? Then watch our video and make sure to keep watching until the end to see which Disney newcomer found true love with a co-star on set.