10 HOMES That Are IMPOSSIBLE To Break Into


When it comes to the word “security,” most of us think of homeland security, job security, money security and the ultimate… home security. But we’re not talking about security in which you get the privilege of putting a $2 yardstick with the abbreviation “ADT” printed on it, like it somehow convinces burglars to watch out. Surprisingly enough, people are now preparing for the end times, the apocalypse, that may or may not include the dead walking around and eating live flesh for breakfast. But don’t worry! There are houses and secure locations that are built or being built solely for the purpose of saving mankind. If you’re one of the few who think it’s better to be safe than sorry or to just always be prepared,, you’ll have a huge appreciation for these houses because whoever lives in them will be the lucky ones no doubt.

Don’t worry about buying the finest weapons and memorizing the Zombie Survival Guide to ensure your post-apocalyptic safety. We’re about to show you ten amazing houses the government doesn’t want everyone to know about. In light of popular culture, and if you are American, the fascination of having bigger locks on your doors, bars on your windows, and all the latest guns that became available to you after that excruciating background check, it might be handy to have an idea where these secure houses and locales are. After all, what else would you be doing during the apocalypse? Hide under a table?