10 Hilarious Pictures Of People Who Had One Job But Failed Miserably


Every day, countless people head off to work to complete mundane tasks. But even the easiest job duties can become difficult at times. We’re all prone to make mistakes every now and then even if we try our hardest to be perfect. These mistakes can sometimes be swept underneath the rug, and hidden away from the public eye forever. If you work in an industry where your job duties are put on full display, and you make a horrible mistake, you run the risk of being featured on a hilarious list like this!

These people all had one job, and they failed at it miserably! From spelling simple words incorrectly to creating a bridge that didn’t connect and a doll whose eye and eyebrow were running for the hills, we can’t help but to laugh at these mess ups. It makes us wonder how many of these fails actually slipped through the cracks. At some point, someone should’ve noticed that an Apple mouse had a cord outlet connected on the bottom, making it impossible to be used. But this mouse passed through numerous checkpoints and made its way on store shelves. And then there’s the Batman backpack that clearly has a picture of Superman on it. All we can do is give ourselves a facepalm and shake our heads in disbelief.

If you’re ready to see even more hilarious pictures of people who failed miserably at their jobs make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which fail made you giggle the most!