10 Hilarious Airplane Photos Captured On Board


There’s no telling what will happen on a plane during any given flight, but these people really brought the LOLs when they covered themselves in plastic, brought their pet panda along for the flight, and exposed their bare feet for everyone to see. If you’d like to see even more funny pictures of amazing incidents that have happened on planes, make sure to watch our video: 10 Hilarious Airplane Photos Captured On Board.

Even though Richard Branson is a billionaire, he didn’t hesitate to work as a stewardess for a day after he lost a bet. The results were a bunch of photos of the CEO dressed up in women’s clothing and wearing bright red lipstick! But this hilarious moment turned into a disaster mid-flight. You’ll have to watch our video to find out what happened!

Flying with children can be a stressful situation for parents, but one father did the unthinkable to make sure his child had a good time on a flight. We have the sweet yet hilarious photo in our video, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

Also, we’ll show you pictures of flight attendants stuffing themselves into overhead bins, a plane full of gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models, a guy who was the sole passenger on a flight, and two strangers who realized they looked like they were separated at birth! We’ll also show you a funny picture of a passenger who was determined to catch up on some sleep at all costs. After watching this video, please leave us a comment and let us know which of these hilarious photos made you crack up the most!