10 Hidden Subliminal Messages in Popular Songs pt. 2


It’s easy to get lost in the lyrics of some of your most favorite songs. But if you take a few moments to really listens to the words, you can sometimes uncover some hidden meanings. Even when song lyrics can come across as being pretty harmless, it’s the music video that are riddled with hidden satanic and occult images. If you’re curious to know the hidden meanings behind some of today’s most popular songs, keep reading.

Even after uncovering the truth about your favorite song, you may find it difficult to actually accept that many of your favorite artists are blatantly using imagery that has strong ties to the oc-cult and Illuminati. Silentó had a hit on his hands when he released his song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae,)” but the popular dance move that took the world by storm is eerily similar to the hand gesture depicted in an image of the Baphomet.

The Nae Nae requires you to put your right hand in the air, and wave it back and forth while your left hand is extended behind you. One look at the Baphomet image and you can see that the dance and the image are almost identical. The hand gesture is known as the Sign of Hermetism, or as the Illuminati like to call it, “As Above, So below.” It is a representation of bringing the destruction and chaos of Hell right here on Earth.

Beyoncé has been called out numerous times for using Satanic lyrics in her songs and music videos, but do you think that will stop the singer from using the imagery? Not a chance. The singer was featured in Coldplay’s song “Hymn for the Weekend,” and they didn’t waste any time show-ing us a graphic of the 666 hand gesture on the inside roof of a car. The backseat of the vehicle also contains the all seeing eye. When the Queen Bey appears on the screen, she is draped in gold fabric to represent a deity, and her hands are flashing the 666 hand gesture in plain sight.

But not all songs have secret meanings that relate to the occult and the Illuminati. Fifth Harmony decided to make a bold statement in support of women empowerment in the music video for their song, “Worth It.” A stock market ticker flashes some empowering messages, such as “glass ceil-ing,” “women in power,” and “feminism is sexy.” Yes indeed it is!

A sentimental hidden message can be found in Wiz Khalifa and Chris Puth’s song and music video for “See You Again.” The song was made in dedication to the late actor Paul Walker, and the music video has some imagery that really tugs on our heart strings. Paul can be seen driving off and veering to the left of the road as Vin Diesel’s car drives forward. It’s a somber symbolization of Paul’s untimely death and the phasing out of his character in the movie’s franchise.

Which of these hidden messages were you most surprised to see and hear in some of your favorite songs?