10 Hidden Subliminal Messages In Popular Rap Songs


Rap music is full of danceable beats and catchy lyrics. But if you take the time to listen to what is really being said, you may be surprised. Many of these songs have secret meanings, and their music videos are filled with imagery, ranging from Illuminati and occult symbolism.

Eminem’s “Rap God” is in reference to the Illuminati’s belief that they are gods. Almost immediately, images of the rapper flash rapidly on the screen. His voice and facial expressions change quickly to signal his personalities splitting and his psyche being fractured. His face is then shown on various TV screens as a representation of the trauma MKUltra victims He later sticks his head through rings of fire as a nod to the Illuminati symbol of fire representing Lucifer.

Nicki Minaj even shocked us with the Illuminati imagery in her music video for “Only.” The video opens with what appears to be mind control victims being held against their will in a dimly-lit room. They are tied and bound together, and it appears that experimentation is taking place. Nicki is later seen in a warehouse surrounded by dancers, and a fire is burning in the center of the room. The fire and flames represent Lucifer, and the eternal flame is a representation of the Illuminati’s immortality. Chris Brown then sings while standing in between pillars which are another occult symbol that represents light and darkness.

But not all rap songs have satanic and Illuminati imagery. Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” is actually an ode to the rough and gritty lifestyle of drug dealers.The pies his Trap Queen is cooking up in the kitchen is slang for a kilo of cocaine. And Desiigner’s hit song “Panda” was inspired by Grand Theft Auto V. The rapper was playing the game when the panda emoji flashed across the screen. He came up with the lyrics, ”Black X6, Phantom; white X6 look like a panda” in reference to the BMW X6 which the rapper believes resembles a panda bear.

In “Mirror,” Lil’ Wayne shows us a bunch of Illuminati and occult imagery. He flashes the triple 6 hand gesture almost immediately, while standing in front of a ladder which is a reference to the freemasonry’s Jacob’s ladder that connects heaven to Earth. He later covers one eye to represent the Eye of Horus, and as a way to show allegiance to the Illuminati. Red paint is splattered on the walls, and it takes on the shape of a satanic entity. Even the song title itself is a reference to MKUltra’s mind control programming. When a mirror is broken, the pieces of glass are said to represent the creation of multiple personalities.