10 Hidden Spoilers You Missed At The Start Of Movies


One of the favorite gimmicks of modern cinema these days is to deliver an unexpected turn at the end of our favorite movies. Whether one of our favorite supporting characters is almost killed, or we discover that one of those seemingly great supporting characters was guilty of killing our favorite leads’ parents, or we discover that the guy we thought was the bad guy all along was more of a triple agent really looking out for the best interests of our main character. At this point, we certainly expect the twist at the end. What we don’t normally expect is when writers are so confident in the shocking value of their twist that they foreshadow it like crazy and leave spoilers early in the movie for you to discover long after you’ve watched the movie through.

What’s weird is that if we all had firm grasps of story structures and a keen eye for distinguishing sarcasm from dramatic irony, we’d be able to see these foreshadowing spoilers from a mile away. And sometimes, we do figure it out before the writers intend us to when writers get just a bit too cocky. But a lot of times, we miss the spoiler even though it’s screaming at us to prepare ourselves for the climax of the film. Let’s reveal the not-too-discreet hiding places of spoilers that were hiding in plain sight in fifteen of our favorite movies.

Oh, and we really shouldn’t have to say it, but for good measure… spoilers ahead. Obviously.