10 Hidden Details In Pixar's Coco You Totally Missed


Disney and Pixar have a smash on their hands with the new animated film Coco. The film may be one of the more unique stories Pixar has ever featured, but it also includes a number of Easter Eggs and references fans have come to know and love. There are so many details in the Disney movie, it may be hard to spot, but we gathered them all here for you!

Early in the film, you can see the streets of Mexico lined with all types of decorations in anticipation for Dia de los Muertos. Look closely to the right and you will spot a group of pinatas containing some of Disney’s most popular characters. Finding Nemo makes it mark during two points in the film. The first in a small home and the second is a part of table decorations known as Alebrije. One of Mexico’s legendary celebrities is El Santo and the Luchador wrestler appears as a Day of the Dead character in the movie. The Land of the Dead features all kinds of old things, including a lot of dead technology. One character refers to a computer as the Devil Box and it’s actually an old Mac, a classic Pixar reference. The Pizza Planet truck is a staple of Pixar films and it’s pretty hard not to miss the appearance here. Along with the truck, there are two instances of the Pixar Luxo ball found in promotional footage for Coco and the actual film. Lightning McQueen raced into theaters this past summer, but his new car design made a pitstop during Coco. If you’re looking for the classic A113 reference, it’s not very hard to miss as it adorns an office door in the film. Watch to see all the hidden details in Coco!