10 Hidden Adult Jokes In Disney Movies


When you think of a Disney film, you probably envision wholesome children’s movies that are fun for the whole family to watch. But hidden beneath the vivid animation, lovable characters, bright colors, and the catchy soundtracks, Disney execs have a longstanding history of sliding in sexual and inappropriate adult jokes. You may not have caught on to these naughty jokes the first time around, but we guarantee you’ll be taking notice the next time you hit up the movie theater.

For a child, these inappropriate jokes definitely fly right over their head. But parents who accompany their kids to the movies are likely to scoff at scenes that make reference to sex, rape, and incest. For example, the Disney film Hercules included an incest joke pertaining to the classic Greek tragedy Oedipus. In the play, the mythical king marries his mother and has four children with her. Hercules leaves a theater and makes the comment, “That Oedipus thing? Man, I thought I had problems!” Kids are definitely not old enough to understand what an Oedipus complex is, but parents will surely cringe as soon as they here this line.

But incest jokes are only the tip of the iceberg. Disney has also made reference to rape in one of its children’s films. In the Muppet Treasure Island, Miss Piggy is dating a pirate, and when she tries to explain her new relationship to Kermit, she describes it as, “ He was a pirate, I was a lady... you know the story.” Miss Piggy makes reference to the history of pirates raping and pillaging women and slaves on their ships. This definitely isn’t a laughing matter, but Disney execs seemed to think it was A-okay to include this reference in the film.

Other hidden jokes aren’t quite as cringeworthy as the rape and incest humor. In the movie Toy Story 3, Mrs. Potato Head’s lips are ripped off by Lotso. Mr. Potato Head works himself into a tizzy and shouts, “No one takes my wife’s mouth but me!” It’s a double entendre that alludes to Mr. Potato Head being a fan of fellatio. This line definitely made us laugh, but we secretly hope our children don’t understand its context until way later in life.

The next time you head out to see a Disney movie, keep your eyes and your ears wide open. You’re bound to find a hidden dirty joke that will either make you laugh uncontrollably or hang your head in disgust.