10 Hardest Video Game Levels And How To Beat Them Easy


Often times, we go to video games to destress from our hectic lives. In their purest form, video games have the power to provide this route of escape, be it through realistic graphics, an absorbing plot or compelling gameplay. Over the years, we have fallen in love with the video game industry and have been rewarded with some incredible titles which have established gaming as a legitimate art-form along with movies and television. However, they say there’s a thin line between love and hate and this proves true when we start to think of our favourite hobby. We expect so much of video games that when they disappoint it can be deeply aggravating. Even if the game is a ten out of ten, nothing can be more frustrating than an unjustly difficult level or boss battle. Even if we are successful in overcoming this seemingly insurmountable level, knowing how much time we have frittered away into this mind-boggling level is a cause of even more frustration. It’s time we will never get back. Sure, we could lower the difficulty to make the level much easier, but we’re too prideful to sink to that level. What if there was a much easier way to complete the level or boss you haven’t thought of? Either way, we would advise you don’t try these at home, but, of course, that is the only place to attempt these ridiculous challenges. Here are 10 of the hardest video game levels and how to beat them easily.