10 Hacks That Will Save You From Embarrassment


Embarrassment is an emotion that we all experience on a regular basis. Whether it is personal embarrassment in the privacy of our own homes or in a public setting where we’re in a town hall meeting when our lunch decides to literally say hello, this meddling emotion follows us closer than the Grim Reaper. Even though it is completely natural to feel embarrassed, we can’t help but to feel isolated and that we lost some cool points with our friends and family. While going through embarrassing situations is a fact of life, there are ways to prevent the situations from happening in the future. Or, if you’re about to encounter an embarrassing situation because you can’t help it, there are ways to ease the sting and intensity. Thankfully, people on the internet have been more than willing to share their wisdom!

For those times where you think your social status is completely obliterated, here are ten hacks to save you from embarrassment. From figuring out how to know immediately when to push or pull on a door, prevent sweating so bad you’re dripping, easing that muffin top, or hiding that part of your body that looks like the toe of a camel, these hacks may even be a lifesaver for some people. Or, what happens when you clog up the plumbing at a friend’s house and you have to fix it? Keeping up appearances can be tough on a budget, but there are easy hacks to save yourself the embarrassment of looking sloppy.