10 Guys Selena Gomez Has Dated


Considering she is barely into her 20’s Selena Gomez has an impressive roster of exes. The one-time Disney star is all grown up and isn’t shy about flaunting her new love in the spotlight. From her infamous relationship with Justin Bieber to her new love The Weeknd, we are taking a look at ten guys Selena Gomez has dated.

For some reason everytime Selena Gomez is in a relationship, drama seems to follow. As far back as 2008 when she was dating Nick Jonas, she was caught in a teen love triangle. Just a year later she found herself in another love triangle, this time involving her BFF Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. We bet you forgot about that one right? Thankfully the girls were able to “shake it off, ” and it looks like their mutual ex isn’t even an issue.

It wasn’t long after her split from Lautner that rumors spread about Justin Bieber and Gomez dating. Those rumors were confirmed in early 2011, and for the next six years, tabloids had a field day with their drama. Now that Gomez has found a new love, their drama hasn’t ended. In early 2017, rumors quickly spread that Gomez started dating The Weeknd. By April 2017, those rumors have been confirmed with public PDA and a parade of Instagram love on both sides! We can't wait to see where this relationship goes next!