10 Guys Kylie Jenner Has Dated


Kylie Jenner is definitely the most fascinating member of the Kardashian/Jenner family. Even though she’s the youngest, her popularity has soared and surpassed that of her older sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. While most of us focus primarily on her amazing sense of style and her gorgeous makeup, it’s hard for us not to be consumed with her dating life, too. Although she has settled down in recent years, Kylie’s dating life was once a revolving door featuring some of the hottest young men in Hollywood.

Before she became super popular in the media, Kylie was definitely suffering from puppy love in her relationship with singer Cody Simpson.Their young romance made headlines when photos of the couple hugging and kissing were leaked to the tabloids. During their courtship, their fans gave them the nickname “Kody,” but it’s just too bad this relationship didn’t last.

Following their breakup, she was then linked to Jaden Smith. It didn’t take long for the rumors about these two to be confirmed. Things really started to heat up when they were spotted kissing at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding, and in 2014, Kylie made an appearance in Jaden’s music video for the song “Blue Ocean.” Scenes from the video all but confirmed that their love was real.

Even though Justin Bieber has been linked to numerous sisters in the family, he definitely had a fling with Kylie. The two have been friends for years, but there are more than enough reasons to believe that they actually dated in the past. They were seen getting cozy at the Coachella music festival back in 2014, and they have been photographed on romantic dinner dates out in Hollywood. They insisted that they were “just friends,” but we definitely find that hard to believe.

Even though she reportedly dated Justin, she had no problem also hooking up with his bestie, Lil Twist. In 2013, rumors about these two started to hit every gossip magazine, and the couple was spotted going on dinner and movie dates all over Kylie’s hometown of Calabasas. Unfortunately for the rapper, Kylie dumped him and moved on to better things.

During a brief breakup with Tyga, Kylie dated Canadian rapper PartyNextDoor. The artist serenaded his new girlfriend by singing, “Kylie, oh Kylie” on Snapchat, but their romance was officially confirmed when Kylie appeared in his music video for the song, “Come and See Me.” At the the end of the video, they share a steamy kiss in the rain.

Speaking of Tyga, we really think he just might be Kylie’s happily ever after. As soon as Kylie turned the legal age of 18, these two finally went public with their relationship, and they haven’t looked back ever since. They frequently share snippets of their romance on their Snapchat and Instagram accounts, and they constantly surprise each other with lavish gifts, like luxury cars and super expensive jewelry. Even though her family reportedly isn’t too pleased with her relationship with her much older boyfriend, Kylie is holding on tight to Tyga for now.

Were you surprised by any of the men Kylie Jenner has dated?