10 Guy Trends That Girls HATE


When it comes to clothing, most men tend to stick with the same styles year after year. Even though they may think they look like their fashion sense should land them on the cover of “GQ” magazine, some girls beg to differ. Here are some guy trends that girls absolutely hate.

The man purse, better known as the murse, is a bag that guys carry to tote around their daily must-have items. Girls carry purses because they have a lot of things to hold, like makeup, feminine products and an extra pair of shoes for when their feet get tired. But what exactly does a guy need on a daily basis besides his wallet, his keys and a cell phone? Those items can fit comfortably in his pockets, so there’s really no excuse for any guy to walk around with a murse. Most girls would agree that the murse is one fashion trend that needs to go away forever.

Most girls are happy that extremely baggy pants are no longer trendy, but super skinny jeans are just as unappealing. When a guy’s jeans are tighter than a girl’s, they make girls feel a bit uncomfortable. Girls don’t necessarily want to see a guy’s every curve and bulge highlighted and accentuated in a pair of super-skintight jeggings.

Facial hair is definitely in style, but some guys are taking the scruffy and rugged look a bit too far. A wild an untamed beard is a girl’s worst enemy. The beard gets in the way every time she tries to move in for a kiss, random beard hairs are strewn all over her house, and seeing food and lint stuck in a scraggly beard can really turn her off in an instant.

Speedos are popular in some parts of the world, but most girls are completely turned off by this swimwear style. Some guys think Speedos show off their best assets, but when it comes to beach and pool attire, girls prefer a guy in knee-length board shorts. Board shorts show off less skin, but girls think they’re definitely much more flattering.

According to most girls, they hate to see a guy wearing flip flops. If a guy’s at the beach or pool, flip flops are an appropriate footwear choice. But in recent years, these thong sandals have escaped the pool, and found their way into everyday life. Some guys believe flip flops are okay to wear at school, work, the movies, and anywhere else they need to go. But the last thing a girl wants to see is a guy’s hairy toes all exposed in a pair of flip flops.

If you’re a lover of these trends, keep rocking them with confidence no matter what anyone says!