10 Guard Dogs Robbers Should Never Mess With


Dogs are truly man’s best friend. Since the first wolves came near to our fires to find food, warmth, and companionship they have been by our sides to heard our animals, pull sleds and even protect our property. The guard dog is a noble and proud figure that we have relied on for centuries. You may be surprised at some of the breeds that make the most successful guard dogs, after all, protecting our land and homes isn’t all about ferocity and brute force. A guard dog is much more than that, he is cunning, clever and above all, alert. His most sacred duty is to raise the alarm first and attack only when absolutely necessary. The ability to sense and detect an intruder, alert his owner and scare away the threat is the guard dog’s most important function. Attacking or detaining an intruder is a rare occurrence and an undesirable outcome. In this video, we’ll show you 10 Guard Dogs ROBBERS Should NEVER MESS with. Whether you’re looking for a companion to protect your home, business, family or livestock, this list is sure to introduce you to the perfect breed for your needs. From the typical Doberman Pinscher to the unexpected Komondor, this list covers the best of the best.