10 Gorgeous Women Who Were Born Male


Whenever you see a hot, beautiful woman it probably doesn’t cross your mind that they may not have been born as a female, but were actually born as a man. The discrimination against LGBTQ persons is far from over, but transgender women around the world are making waves and proving that just because you’re born one way doesn’t mean that’s the way you’re going to stay. Women who were born men still face discrimination, but they’re driven to make their mark. They’re walking high fashion house runways, being featured in Vogue spreads and appearing on modeling shows that once banned them from competing.

Jenna Talackova was disqualified form Miss Universe Canada because she wasn’t born a woman. Instead of sitting back and taking it, she put her foot down and launched a lawsuit that eventually allowed her to compete. Isis King made a name for herself on America’s Next Top Model cycles 11 and 17. She became the first transgender woman to appear on the show after former contestant Claudia Charriez was dismissed from the competition a few years earlier. Charriez was invited on to The Tyra Banks Show in 2006 to compete on “America’s Next Top Transsexual Model” which she ended up winning.

You’ll likely remember Arisce Wanzer as the transgender model who penned an open letter to Kendall Jenner calling her out for getting her modeling career handed to her. She said that while other models have to pay and work extremely hard to get on the runway, she used her family name in order to walk the big shows. Her letter went viral and made everyone stop to think. Wanzer’s also modeled for big guns like Kenneth Cole, Opening Ceremony and Topshop.

Australian model Andreja Pejic is no doubt a name that everyone has come to know. Her androgynous looks made her covetable for both men’s and women’s fashion shows, however she underwent gender reassignment surgery to become a woman in 2014. She was also the first transgender model to be profiled by Vogue. And Lea T has also been a big hit in the fashion world. She was a muse to Givenchy, becoming the face of the brand in 2010, and in 2014 became the face of beauty brand Redken. She made history becoming the first transgender model to front a global cosmetics brand.

These women are proving that you don’t have to be born female to be a hot, gorgeous woman. Without knowing it, you’d think they were born the way they are. Beautiful, bold and daring, today’s video takes a look at 10 hot women who were born male.