10 Gordon Ramsay Pranks That Got People Owned


No matter what your opinion is on the often controversial Chef Gordon Ramsay, you have to admit that the guy does know how to pull off a good prank. He has stated in the past that he loves pranking people, and most people are able to laugh off getting pranked by Chef Ramsay. It turns out that nobody is safe from the reach of his joke-playing. Even people walking down the street were shocked when a poster featuring Ramsay began hurling custom tailored insults at them and even critiquing their food choices. Other people were minding their own business at the mall when they stopped to partake in a free sample. . . of disgusting jellied eel canapes. What they didn’t know, of course, was that Ramsay was watching them and just waiting for his chance to jump out and yell “surprise!” When he isn’t pranking complete strangers, he’s also pulling one over on some of his friends, including his former protege Maria Tampakis, who served under his tutelage for seven years. He also managed to spill a tray of drinks on former Hell’s Kitchen winner Christina Wilson while going undercover as a bumbling waiter. Ramsay has many rivals, and one of them is famed chef Delia Smith, who Ramsay surprised by attending one of her cooking classes in disguise. Of course, sometimes people turn the tables on Ramsay and give him a taste of his own medicine. Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly pretended to be absent minded handymen on the set of Masterchef, and managed to so enrage Ramsay that they worried it might come to blows!