10 GIRL Trends That Guys LOVE


Fashion is all about wearing clothes and accessories that fit your style and suit your taste. Every girl has a different preference when it comes to the trends she likes to follow, and there are certain looks and styles that guys can’t take their eyes off of. Here’s a few of the girl trends that guys love.

Many guys live and breathe anything sports-related, so they love to see a girl in a jersey. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a jersey from his favorite team or a rival. The fact that she likes sports and sporty attire earns her some extra brownie points in his book. When a girl wears a jersey, a guy instinctively knows she’s going to be cool, relaxed, a lot of fun, easy going and super laid back.

Baseball caps are another sporty accessory that guys can’t get enough of. Most girls use baseball caps to come to the rescue during a bad hair day, but this athletic headwear is one accessory most guys absolutely love. When a girl wears a baseball cap, she looks casual, relaxed and sporty, and guys think it’s much easier to approach a girl who’s giving off a laid-back vibe. Even if she’s not on her way to the baseball field, a girl wearing a baseball cap is a look most guys just can’t resist.

If there’s one thing guys love about the beginning of warmer months is the return of sundresses. Guys think every girl looks like a goddess in a dress that flows in the wind and bounces off her curves with each and every step. Guys love to see a girl in a beautiful sundress because the silhouette and prints are feminine, and these dresses show off just the right amount of skin.

When it comes to girl trends that guys absolutely love, backless dresses and shirts are definitely at the top of the list. A girl’s exposed back is one body part that most guys are drawn to. They get to admire her toned muscles, and they will find any reason to casually rest their hand on her soft and delicate skin. When a girl heads out in a backless dress or shirt, guys become hypnotized, and they just can’t look away.

If you’re one of the many girls who wear jeans and a white tank top as your official daily uniform, you may not even realize that this casual outfit is the attire that most guys prefer. This staple outfit is really nothing special, but guys just can’t get enough of the simplicity of it all. As long as the jeans and tank top are fitted to accentuate a girl’s curves, a guy would prefer she ditch the heels and tight dress every once in awhile and wear this relaxed outfit instead.

Were you surprised by any of these girl trends that guys love?