10 GIRL Trends That GUYS Hate


It seems like every few weeks, there’s a new trend that sweeps the fashion and beauty communities. While girls may think these trends are the next best thing since sliced bread, many guys actually hate many of the styles that’ve become popular in recent years. Here are a few of the girl trends that most guys hate.

Girls just can’t get enough of their big, fuzzy snow boots. When UGG boots became insanely popular, many girls were wearing the footwear even when it was bright and sunny outside. But no matter how comfy and stylish these shearling-lined boots are, guys just can’t stand them. Guys think big snow boots are clunky and inappropriate no matter what the weather forecast has in store.

The 70s made a comeback in the form of high-waisted jeans and shorts, and every style lover ran out to scoop up a pair or two for her wardrobe. While most girls think the silhouette is awesome because it sucks in the tummy and gives the body an hourglass shape, guys have been known to call high-waisted pants “mom jeans,” and they think the style makes girls’ butts look extremely unflattering.

When spring rolls around, girls can’t wait to break out their favorite oversized, wide-brim hats. Some girls may think they’re channeling their inner JLo while wearing their floppy hats; but guys think these hats are way too big, way too distracting, and way too annoying. It creates a barrier around a girl’s head that makes it impossible for a guy to move in for a kiss, and when the floppy brim of the hat covers her eyes, he has no idea if she’s even looking at him or not.

Most guys don’t pay too much attention to a girl’s nails unless the nails are extremely long. Guys see long nails as a sign of impending danger, and thoughts of getting scratched and poked by nails that can double as weapons constantly flood their minds. When it comes to nails, most guys prefer a simple look, while girls are addicted to applying flashy nail art and in-your-face designs to their super long nails.

It seems like all girls are obsessed with getting their eyebrows perfectly sculpted and defined to perfection. Instagram brows are stenciled eyebrows that are drawn on with a pencil or powder to give the brows a thick and dark appearance that really stands out in photographs. For everyday wear, most guys think Instagram brows are a bit too much, and they can overpower a girl’s entire face. Makeup artist Wayne Goss even called the brows “frightening.”

If you’re a fan of any of these trends, more power to ya! Keep slaying them with confidence no matter what anyone says.