10 Gaming Hacks Every Gamer Should Know


We’ve all heard about lifehacks. Lifehacks are simply tips which could make tedious and annoying parts of our life much simpler and enjoyable. To gamers, the word hack usual means something else. Hacking is something which requires incredible amount of skill but is frowned upon because, well, it is kind of illegal and may ruin the experience of other players online. That being said, a gamehack is essentially the gaming version of a lifehack which means it is much cooler. Gamehacks, like lifehacks, are tips and tricks that aren’t all necessarily hacks per say but can improve your gaming experience substantially. The gaming hacks will help you optimize your gaming experience and make you laugh about the way you gamed before.

Some of these hacks can be incredibly simple while others may require you to have a very good understanding of computers. We’re talking about fiddling with computer chips levels of knowledge so it’s most certainly not for the inexperienced. Do you constantly struggle to get good ping and maintain full bars when playing an online game? Well, we have a gamehack for that. Do you wish there was a way to play for PS4 in a different room and possible a different house? We also have a gamehack for this problem. Here at TheGamer, we are chock full of gaming hacks to share with the awesome, but sometimes crazy, gaming community. Without further ado, here are 10 gaming hacks every gamer should know. Enjoy!