10 Games Where Your Choices Don't Actually Matter


Nothing is more intriguing or rewarding to a gamer than the power of choice. Whether its choosing sides in an epic war or which team mate to save, it adds a whole new layer to the game. Storytelling in gaming has advanced to a point where the player can build the story anyway they want. With branching narratives and butterfly effect systems, every decision can drastically alter the rest of the narrative. Developers has forged a new relationships with players as partners in storytelling. Carrying over continuities between releases and . At least that’s how it works most of the time. But, they are those that fall short or seemingly disregard your choices at the last minute.

Some, like Fallout 4, give us multiple dialogue options they have no weight in changing the outcome of conversations. Others spend the whole game building to a unique ending based on your style of play, just to let us down by having the same ending no matter what (Firewatch, anyone?) What about the tragic letdowns like Mass Effect 3? Games that had an amazing track record with player freedom in the previous games who then muck it up in the last hour.

These are the games that tried to mislead us, got way in over their heads, or straight up lied. Ready to relive some rage inducing memories? Do you know which will be number one? Find out as we countdown the 10 Games Where your Choices Don’t Actually Matter.