10 Games That Think More Gameplay Mechanics Equals More Fun


Video Game developers have tough jobs. They need to be able to make games and ensure that each one feel unique and offers new ways to play. It seems that sometimes some of the mechanics added can actually make the game worse! SimCity tried adding multiplayer to a game that has never needed it and would only allow gamers to play if they were connected to the internet. Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex was the first Crash game made without the original developers, and it seemed uninspired. Assassin’s Creed Unity was ripe with technical errors, but had so many mechanics that made the game boring. NIOH attempted to be a samurai Dark Souls, but made the game far too complex. The fourth game in the Fallout series added extra mechanics but in the wrong places in the form of sub par base building. No Man’s Sky promised the universe but was unable to stay interesting. Can you imagine a game that can teach itself time travel? Look no further than Dwarf Fortress! Metal Gear Solid V did a lot of new things, many of which were great, but some rubbed us the wrong way including trying to sell you actual insurance. Final Fantasy XV was a game 11 years in the making, and when it finally released many gamers were disappointed by it’s seemingly empty open world with lots of busy work. Donkey Kong 64 is considered a classic, but when playing it again today, we realized it was a busy mess.