10 Gadgets You Won't Believe Are Real


We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier. As technology advances, we’re able to automate and streamline many of our daily tasks, giving us more free time to do whatever we please. It can be astonishing the amazing things that are constantly being invented. We all know that tvs have come a long way since they were first invented. But wait until you see the 55” LG tv we have in our video. The only catch is, you won’t be able to see it unless you turn it on. That’s right, we’ll show you a transparent tv. If you need a hand, or eight, check out the Octogripper. It has strength and maneuverability that humans just aren’t capable of. And as a bonus, it looks like an octopus tentacle. Some of these gadgets will let you do some of your least favorite daily chores with ease. The Grillbot will scour your grill until it’s spotless, no matter how much you overcook your burger. The Depulvera is a book cleaning machine, perfect for use for your local library, or your local germaphobe. When you’re done letting those gadgets do the work for you, sit back with a nice cup of tea you made efficiently with your Miito. We’ll even show you the Wonderwoof, the perfect accessory for your four-legged best friend. Although your dog might get demoted when you meet the amazing Smokey the Silencer, who you won’t want to cook without.