10 Funny Fails In Video Game Speed Runs


Most gamers want to take their time while playing through a video game in order to take in everything the developers have to offer. They take pride in finding all of the loot, secret levels, and side missions in order to play the game to completion and unlock all of the achievements. Being able to fully complete a game is a source of pride to most gamers and an impressive feat as numerous hours are dedicated to unlocking every single feature.

On the other hand, there are some gamers that prefer to rush through levels or entire games to see just how fast they can compete a level or game. These speed runs are regularly posted on YouTube and Twitch for other gamers to see and possibly break the records these gamers have set. Speed running appears to be quite the competitive hobby and it has a large following. Gamers who speedrun typically have a plethora of tricks that they exploit in order to complete their speed runs in record time. These range from utilizing glitches or game secrets in order to outrun the competition and set records.

However, in spite of most gamers best intentions, speed runs do not always go as planned. Anything from missing an opportunity to starting out poorly can affect how the speed run will turn out. Fortunately, most speed runs are recorded and this creates some memorable laughs for the people watching. It just goes to show that even with the best intentions, gameplay doesn’t always turn out as planned.